Helis: My lord, the thirteenth King of the Carja Sundom, was murdered: cut down by cowards who mistook firm rule for madness. "Ever the strong are beset upon by the weak." So he said as the traitors launched their assault, as their cannons, forged by Oseram filth, toppled the battlements and burst the gates. I would've fought to the end, but it was his will - the will of the Sun - that I lead the prince and queen into the west; to safety. My lord did not hesitate. He saw his fate. He looked into the Sun, and he did not blink. With me he sent kestrels, nobles, Sun-Priests and slaves. Killing all that stood in the way, I carved a path to Sunfall. There, to join others and gather the strength to take back our home. But our strength only faded... until the Buried Shadow was brought to light.

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