Modifications are items in Horizon Zero Dawn that can be added to Outfits and Weapons via modification slots to increase stats and perks. They can be obtained from Treasure Boxes and looting machines.

Modifications come in three types; Common, Rare and Very Rare with the amount of increase in the given stat depending on this.

There are two classes of modifications, Coils and Weaves.


Coils are modifications that can be added to Weapons to increase damage dealt or handling stats.

  • Damage Coil
  • Fire Coil
  • Freeze Coil
  • Handling Coil
  • Shock Coil
  • Tear Coil
  • Spear Damage Coil FW


Weaves are modifications that can be added to Outfits to increase resistance to different types of damage or increase stealth stats.

  • Resist Corruption Weave
  • Resist Fire Damage Weave
  • Resist Freeze Damage Weave
  • Resist Shock Damage Weave
  • Resist Melee Damage Weave
  • Resist Ranged Damage Weave
  • Stealth Weave

Unique Modifications

The Frozen Wilds DLC adds eleven unique modifications to the game which are found in fixed locations. Once obtained, they can be dropped, but cannot be dismantled or sold.

Each one counts for 811% (≈0.73%) Frozen Wilds game completion.

Name Effects Location
Drummer's Weapon Coil +51% Freeze
+35% Shock
+35% Corruption
At the very bottom of Greycatch after draining all the water
Heat Sink Outfit Weave +34% Resist Fire
+20% Resist ranged attacks
About halfway through the Firebreak Facility
Hidebound Weapon Coil +51% Damage
+35% Shock
+35% Freeze
Reward for delivering all six animal figurines
Insulated Outfit Weave +25% Resist Shock
+25% Resist Freeze
+25% Resist Fire
In a supply crate next to the control tower in the far northeast of the Cut.[fn 1]
Painted Weapon Coil +51% Shock
+35% Fire
+47% Handling
Reward for delivering all nine pigments
Pristine Weapon Coil +51% Damage
+35% Tear
+47% Handling
Reward for completing the errand Out of the Forge
Reinforced Outfit Weave +20% Resist ranged attacks
+34% Resist Freeze
About halfway through the cave system along the Shaman's Path
Survivor's Outfit Weave +34% Resist Freeze
+20% Resist Melee attacks
Reward for getting gold on Ikrie's Challenge
Untested Weapon Coil +51% Damage
+35% Tear
+35% Fire
Reward for completing the side quest The Hunters Three
Veteran's Weapon Coil +51% Fire
+35% Shock
+35% Freeze
Reward for getting all golds on Snowchants Hunting Grounds
Warrior's Outfit Weave +20% Resist Melee attacks
+34% Resist Fire
In a supply crate at the Banuk fishing camp southwest of Deep Din


  1. Due to a bug, it may only appear during the Frozen Wilds errand, The Claws Beneath.

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