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Modifications are items in Horizon Zero Dawn that can be added to Outfits and Weapons via modification slots to increase stats and perks. They can be obtained from Treasure Boxes and looting machines.

Modifications come in three types; Common, Rare and Very Rare with the amount of increase in the given stat depending on this.

There are two classes of modifications, Coils and Weaves.


Coils are modifications that can be added to Weapons to increase damage dealt or handling stats.

  • Damage Coil
  • Fire Coil
  • Freeze Coil
  • Handling Coil
  • Shock Coil
  • Tear Coil


Weaves are modifications that can be added to Outfits to increase resistance to different types of damage or increase stealth stats.

  • Resist Corruption Weave
  • Resist Fire Damage Weave
  • Resist Freeze Damage Weave
  • Resist Shock Damage Weave
  • Resist Melee Damage Weave
  • Resist Ranged Damage Weave
  • Stealth Weave

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