Mother is a collectable Banuk figure in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the second item in the third set of figures.


"It is only because you will never read these glyphs that I can write them. After a lifetime of longing, I spent only a single night with Ili your mother, a memory that I cherished but she reviled, a burning coal of guilt she carried in her belly. And so I wonder: Was her guilt laid bare the night Signak our chieftain was killed? Did he discover the truth? Was she forced to defend herself? If only I had been there, to stand between them, to actually strike the blow I was punished for. At least then I would have been her champion, and the father you deserved, for a single moment. I paint this mark with eternal regret, and leave you this offering, though it will never touch the warmth of your hands."


This figure is located in the northern region of the Carja Sundom. It can be found in the mountains due south of Pitchcliff, east of a Shell-Walker machine site.