Kassabian: Won't someone think of the mosquitoes?

Ryan Kassabian only guy on the planet upset about mosquitoes being driven to extinction

March 18, 2060 - Blood Moon star and human attention vacuum Ryan Kassabian is very disappointed in you, world. How dare you celebrate the deaths of billions of innocent mosquitoes like that! Ashamed yet? Well?!

The thirty-two-year-old "actor" spleen-vented while accepting the less-than-coveted award for Baddest Vampire Hero at the Edgescape Choice Awards (yeah, we forgot that was a thing too). "An entire species exterminated, in the blink of an eye!" Kassabian pouted. "If we are the planetary stewards we claim to be since the Claw-Back, we are doing a lousy job of it!"

The "lousy job" Kassabian is referring to there? The eradication of mosquito-borne diseases - both old standards like Malaria, Zika, West Nile, encephalitis, and new Die-Off era emergent viruses like Jor-Nu and Tripura. Yeah, world, lousy job of getting rid of those bugs and the plagues they carried! Good thing we've got the guy from that lunar-mining-base-overrun-by-sexy-vampires holo to remind us of our crimes against mosquitoes. Hmm... there's a blood-sucker pun in there somewhere...

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