My Claim is a collectable Banuk figure in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Tektuk: As the months of my exile turn to years, I have thought long on what kept me from claiming you. Such a call could only be settled in blood--by the death of Signak our chieftain, or my own. It is true I feared this battle, and his strength. But not as much as I feared its aftermath: the eyes of Ili your mother, distant and dead, as they beheld the corpse of her mate. This I could not bear, and so I remained silent, ashamed. But fate is cold and cruel, and my fears came to pass despite me. I paint this mark in sorrow, and leave you this offering, though it will never touch the warmth of your hands.


This figure is located in the northernmost area of the Nora Sacred Lands and can be found east of the ruin site Devil's Thirst.

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