Namman, also known as the Mournful Namman, is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Namman is a Carja Sun-Priest located in Meridian. He shows remorse for the atrocities committed during the Red Raids, and wishes to provide sanctuary for members of all tribes across the land.

During the reign of Sun-King Jiran, Namman's brother was a Sun-Priest. He fervently urged Namman away from the priesthood; however this did not deter Namman, even after his brother was killed for speaking out against the sacrifices of the Red Raids.

Namman joined the priesthood, finding consolation for his brother's death by adorning his robes.

Associated Quests

Honor the Fallen

Aloy meets Namman at the Sun-Ring in Meridian. He is hosting two pilgrims, Rea and Kimik, who have traveled to the Sundom to pay their respects to tribe members killed during the Mad King's reign. He requests Aloy's assistance in clearing various obstacles from the mourners' paths.


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