Nasadi, also known as Dowager Queen Nasadi, is the Queen Consort and widow of the 13th Carja Sun-King Jiran, and the mother of his youngest son Itamen.


When Jiran was overthrown by his middle son Avad, he ordered his champion Helis to take Itamen and Nasadi to his summer palace at Sunfall, far to the north of the Carja capital Meridian. At Sunfall, Helis and High Priest Bahavas, another loyal servant of Jiran, established a splinter tribe from the Carja, out of the Carja tribespeople who followed them there, known as the Shadow Carja. They set up Itamen as a figurehead king, declaring that he was the "true Sun-King", though they held de facto power.

Helis attempted to train Itamen to follow in Jiran's footsteps, such as engaging in human sacrifice, a practice which he and Bahavas maintained. But Nasadi was opposed to Jiran's atrocities and did not want Itamen following in his footsteps, and her influence counteracted Helis' instruction. Indeed, when he had Itamen observe a sacrifice in the settlement's Sun-Ring, Nasadi appeared and quickly intervened, shielding Itamen from the sight, much to Helis' annoyed consternation.[1] Both she and Itamen desired to leave Sunfall and defect to the Carja.

The Carja agent Vanasha, sensing this, devised and offered them a plan to do so, to which they agreed. Vanasha managed to get Nasadi and Itamen out of the palace, escorting them on a route through a gorge to a point on a large lake south of Sunfall, called the Branded Shore. But their escape was noticed, and members of Helis' cult, the Eclipse, pursued them. However, Vanasha, aided by the Nora Brave Aloy, neutralized the pursuers, and got Nasadi and Itamen to a waiting barge on the Branded Shore. They escorted them across the lake to the Carja settlement of Brightmarket, where they were received by Sun-King Avad.

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  1. Itamen Coddled
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