Naysay Doom is an exploitative mess

When it was announced at last year's Undertow HoloFest that notorious schlock provocateur (proschlockateur?) Lloyd Stroud was wrapping post-prod on an immersive historical drama about the notorious Naysay Doom cult, the news was met with... well, let's be kind and say "trepidation." Stroud has shown himself to be a talented (if needlessly "edgy") craftsman of shocking interactive holo-pulp. But Naysay wasn't some tentacled monster or science-fantasy trope, it was an actual real-world atrocity, barely two decades in the archive. And while some critics (myself included) wondered if the holo would turn out to be Stroud's long-rumored turn to more respectable fare, most predicted disaster. The first hour would make you think that the cult's greatest crime was the tortured diction of Harriet Choi's overwrought monologues [DATA CORRUPTED]

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