"I'm just a traveler, with a bow, a concern about the state of these lands and a missing partner."
―Nil, introducing himself to Aloy
Nil is a character and potential ally in Horizon Zero Dawn. He can be found waiting outside bandit camps and invites Aloy to raid the camps with him when their paths cross.


Nil was formerly a Carja soldier who fought for Meridian during the reign of the Mad Sun-King Jiran. He fought in two significant battles, the Battle of The Daunt and a skirmish at Cinnabar Sands. During the latter battle, there apparently were no survivors. Nil's role in both these battles is unclear.

When Jiran's son Avad ascended the throne he began to weed his father's loyalists from the army. Subsequently, Nil confessed to war crimes and was sentenced to serve two years in Sunstone Rock, the Carja prison, for his crimes.

At some point after being released from Sunstone Rock, Nil adopted the name he currently uses. Neither his real name nor any of his former aliases have been revealed.


A soldier to the core, Nil takes the typical combative personality of Carja soldiers much further into the realms of the sociopathic. A man who describes with a passionate caress in his voice the joys of war and the spark in the eyes of a man when he dies, Nil lives for warfare.

He targets bandits due to the thrill he gets from killing humans, but also because they are disposable. He reasons that since bandits live dirty lives, that they are not of any tribe's concern, thus freeing him up to murder as many as he wants without negative consequences. In Aloy's words, he's doing the right thing for all of the wrong reasons. He is very fond of his bow, even giving it a pet name.

Associated Quests

Battle Stats

HP Attack Damage Additional Info
1500 Flash Grenade Temporary Blinding
Precision Arrow 100
Light Attack 100 (up to x3 Combo)
Strong Attack 200 (up to x2 Combo)
Leaping Attack 200


  • The name Nil is of Egyptian origin and means "the river".
  • Nil's bow is named "Voice of Our Teeth" although his knife is nameless.
  • Nil shares the same tribal markings and eye color as Ligan.


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