Far Zenith: Odyssey ready to launch "imminently"

HIGH ORBIT, April 1, 2065 - "We're not blind to the irony of making this announcement on April First," said Far Zenith spokesman Osvald Dalgraad in a live holocast this morning. "But I can assure you: this is not a prank. Construction on the Odyssey is complete. All systems appear to be entirely operational. In short: we're ready to go. All that remains is to run comprehensive system tests - especially of the bleeding-edge anti-matter pulse drives - and resolve various minor logistical details."

The announcement comes a mere four years after Far Zenith's purchase of the derelict Odyssey, abandoned in orbit in July 2057. Dalgraad wrapped the announcement by fielding questions from press log-ons. Of the size of the crew, Dalgraad said, "Adult humans? Very minimal. Fifty to sixty individuals. But of course the living and breathing folks aren't the real headcount here - that'd be the 200,000 zygotes in cryo-storage." When asked about the projected launch date, Dalgraad answered, "We're absolutely going to hit this July date. Obviously we would have loved another few years to train our crew, but with the situation on Earth deteriorating as it is, we've decided to move aggressively."

Asked if he has any parting words for humanity, Osvald nods solemnly. "We share the hope that Zero Dawn will reverse Earth's terrible crisis. Either way, we at Far Zenith are committed to doing all we can do to ensure that humanity has a future, if not on its home planet, then elsewhere."

As to the remaining seventy-six members of Far Zenith and their identities, Dalgraad remained characteristically coy. "They're fine," he said. "Thanks for asking."


  • Throughout this datapoint, Osvald Dalgaard's name is repeatedly misspelled "Dalgraad".

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