Funeral for an Obsolete Future: An Odyssey to Nowhere

PARIS, July 7, 2057 - Twenty-five persons from five nations stand before the offices of Odyssey*EuroWest, hands clasped solemnly at their waists or held stiffly at their sides. Some are politicians, some are businessmen (these days, is there a difference?), some are scientists. Slowly, Gerhardt Weitz steps to the podium. "I regret to announce that, as of today, the Odyssey is no more. What exists of the vessel will be abandoned in orbit. All personnel will collect severance income and be released from their contracts. The sad fact is that our species' greatest hope for an extra-planetary future was never able to escape the gravity of terrestrial, all-too-human conflicts." Weitz sighs. "Perhaps the innovations we pioneered will help improve the lives of future generations. Time will tell."

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