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Olin Delverson is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn, and is good friends with Erend. He was forced to join the Eclipse when they took his wife and child hostage. Despite being afraid of the Eclipse, he does not agree with their actions.



Olin is a skilled scout and scrounger, and spends most of his time either digging for artifacts or drinking and gambling. When the Eclipse got wind of Olin's reputation, Helis decided to forcibly recruit Olin by taking his wife and child hostage. The Eclipse then proceeded to meet Olin during one of his delves near Maker's End. At first, Olin was incredulous and laughed at the priest; however Olin was forced to follow Helis' orders when proof of his family's kidnapping was shown to him. The Eclipse then gave him a Focus which allowed them to track his every move, give orders, and listen in on conversations. In order to hide his forced allegiance from others, Olin built a secret room in his house, which was later discovered by Aloy and Erend.

The Proving

He first appeared to Aloy during The Proving in Mother's Heart, where Aloy noticed his Focus and approached him. During the conversation, Olin's Focus "malfunctions" and he was quick to make up excuses to leave. This is presumably the moment where the Eclipse discovered the similarity between Aloy and Elisabet Sobeck. Suspicious, Aloy approached him again, but Olin remained stubbornly tight-lipped and insisted that it had malfunctioned.

Olin's Fate

Olin was tracked by Aloy to an excavation site, where she found him with members of the Eclipse who were digging up Corruptors. Olin expressed his dismay when he witnessed the Eclipse's true intentions of bringing the "machine demons" back to life, calling them a nightmare. While a Cultist Leader was still making his speech, Sylens hacked and disabled all the Focuses belonging to the Eclipse. When Aloy defeated all of the Eclipse Cultists and Corruptors, she spoke to Olin to find out the truth behind his allegiance to The Eclipse.  

Olin's fate is determined at this point. Aloy may either kill him for his crimes, or be understanding of his motivations and help him rescue his family. If Aloy decides to rescue his family, she will tell Olin to leave with his family to start a new life. Alternatively, Aloy may kill him.  



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