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Olin's Apartment is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn located in Meridian.


The residence is an extravagant, three-floored complex. With the exception of the basement, the entire home is heavily adorned in Carja decorations and furnishings.

Three areas of the residence are accessible: the living room, which is located on the ground floor; the bedroom, on the second floor (and equiped with a makeshift attic); and the basement workshop. Access to the basement is controlled via a cellar door in the living room, locked with an Oseram vault and hidden by a rug.


It was formerly the residence of Olin Delverson while he was staying in Meridian, funded by his connections in the Sun-Court. While there are pictures of Olin's family inside, it is unclear whether Olin's wife or son took residence in the home prior to their abduction by the Eclipse.

Investigating Olin's involvement with the Eclipse, Erend and Aloy broke into the apartment to search for clues of Olin's whereabouts. Noticing a frayed corner on a rug, Aloy discovered the door to the basement. On the second floor, Aloy found a stack of metal ingots, which she pushed down onto the hatch below to break it open. Venturing into the secret workshop, Aloy and Erend discovered information regarding Olin and the Eclipse, including his current location.

After Olin's departure from the Sundom, Sun-King Avad allows Aloy to stay at the apartment to rest before the final battle with HADES and the Eclipse.


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