"The Oseram believe in many things. The forge's hiss, the charcoal's crack, the creak of the fermenting barrel."
Mournful Namman
The Oseram are a human tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are known for their excellent metalworkers and craftsmen, and as such, are best known for their steel and powerful weaponry.


During the Red Raids, the Oseram were one of many tribes that fell victim to the Carja's brutal raids and sacrifices; however, they were able to put up a fight due to their armaments. The war with the Carja came to an end when the Oseram forged an alliance with Avad, the son of the Mad Sun-King Jiran, and mounted an attack on Meridian that resulted in the defeat of Jiran.

Thanks to Avad's alliance, the Oseram can often be found in and around Meridian, and elsewhere in the throughout the Sundom. The Oseram home territory is known as The Claim.

Culture and Society

The Oseram are a patriarchal society governed by a council of ealdormen. Women are not permitted to own property, rather according to Gera, are treated like property.

Their armor and arms often look superior to many of the other tribes, but their forward nature can often come across as rudeness.

According to Erend and Aram, the Oseram are heavy drinkers.[1]

Relations with Other Tribes


The Carja is the only tribe whose relationship with the Oseram is explored (or at least, notable).

Known Members

NPC Archetypes

  • Elite Mercenary
  • Mercenary Forgesmith
  • Mercenary Gunner
  • Mercenary Heav
  • Mercenary Warrior
  • Merchant
  • Odund's Marvel Outlander
  • Oseram Elder
  • Oseram Freebooter
  • Oseram Guard
  • Oseram Outlander
  • Oseram Worker
  • Vanguard Regular

Known Settlements, Outposts, and Gates


  • The Oseram make use of bynames, which are last names derived from occupation, gender, marital status, or familial relation. Examples include Petra Forgewoman and Olin Delverson.
  • The Oseram are likely based on Scandinavian culture.
  • Women wishing to become warriors must shave their head.
  • Scrappersap, considered to be the finest Oseram brew, is derived from corn.



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