Outfits allow for varying degrees of protection against the variety of dangers Aloy will have to face. Each outfit provides different values of defense and resistances to various types of elemental damage. Aloy begins the game with the Outcast outfit and can purchase different clothing from merchants across the world.

Some outfits are obtained via pre-order bonuses.

List of Outfits

Tribal Apparel

Each outfit (with the exception of the Shield-Weaver and Outcast outfits) comes from one of the four main tribes Aloy interacts with throughout the game. Each tribe has a distinct theme in their attire, usually correlating with their environment or expertise. The majority of the people that Aloy encounters are wearing their tribe's traditional garb.

Nora Apparel

The clothing worn by most Nora is reminiscent of Native American attire, consisting of animal byproducts such as skins, hides, and furs. While their clothing is usually left in the natural tans and browns of animal skins, many Nora wear colored face paints and primitive jewelry. Nora Braves often have metal plates stitched into their outfits for protection.

Carja Apparel

The clothing worn by most Carja resembles ancient Mesoamerican ceremonial wear, with flamboyant warm colors and elaborate extensions, such as shoulder tassels and headdresses. Often made with silks and precious metals, the Carja display social ranking by the excessive extravagance of their outfits, much to the amusement of other tribes such as the Nora who comment on how "the Carja dress their soldiers up like birds." The outfits of the Shadow Carja are similar in design, albeit with a much darker color scheme and more sinister look.

Oseram Apparel

The clothing worn by most Oseram fully embraces function over form, with dull colored leather and medieval-looking fabrics clearly designed with labor in mind. Often made with metal and thick animal leathers, Oseram attire is known amongst the tribes as some of the toughest available.

Banuk Apparel

The clothing worn by most Banuk is designed for the cold in every way possible, similar to that of the Inuit people. Often fur-lined with a white and blue color scheme, Banuk clothing is perfect for both keeping warm as well as effective camouflage in Ban-Ur, their northern tundra homeland.


  • The player has the option to modify the outfits slightly by removing the headgear.