"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

Patrick Brochard-Klein was a member of Project Zero Dawn, serving as the Alpha in charge of the ELEUTHIA subordinate function.


Upon the discovery of the Faro Plague's glitch, Elisabet Sobeck proposed creating Project Zero Dawn , which making Eleuthia, with Patrick as the Alpha. However, he became aware that Eleuthia was seen as a genetic engineering project, to which he clarified that the subordinate is to only store genetic human and animal zygotes with cryogenics for future repopulating means. He led the group to build nursing stations throughout the world and store thousands, if not millions, of zygotes of different species.  

Upon completion of the project, Klein and the rest of the Alphas evacuated to GAIA Prime in order to continue living (to some degree) through the plague and to assist GAIA as best they could. However, they noticed that one of the doors to GAIA PRIME was malfunctioning, and he was surprised that it was Elisabet who went outside and sealed it, but at the cost of her life, as she could not get back in. They said their goodbyes and mourned the woman.

However, Patrick and the rest of the Alphas were conversing over the fact that they were being denied access to their stations. Soon after, they were taken aback upon discovering that Ted Faro had not only blocked their access, but had erased APOLLO's information in the belief that the knowledge of humanity's deeds and disasters would in fact infect the new humans. Faro then ordered the room where Klein and the Alphas were in to vent atmosphere, killing them in the process.


Despite having been killed by Faro, Alpha Klein had managed to save the human race. Many of the nursing stations were preserved through the plague, and after it was deactivated, GAIA began work on the storage areas. The zygote storage areas were used to repopulate the planet with humans once again, with many unaware of how they came to the world.


  1. Emergency Recording


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