Plainsong is a region which lies among the fertile Great Plains. It is the home territory of the Utaru tribe.


Due to its distance from other tribes, little is known about the area. Teersa, a Nora High Matriarch, referred to the region as "Utaru land", suggesting that even she doesn't know the area's name.

Plainsong was one of the regions attacked by the Carja during the Red Raids. It is said that the resulting bloodshed turned the next harvest black and blue.


Aloy: "You look like you've traveled far, outlander."
Rea: "From the great plains."
Honor The Fallen
"The distant Utaru, however, believe that the Old Ones are still with them at all times. In Utaru ritual those who die are returned to the soil--nourishing the land, and living on through new growth. As long as the dead are remembered, they will contribute to the harvests and make them bountiful. Utaru see the richness of their territory, Plainsong, as evidence of this unique and disturbing cycle."
The Old Ones scanned glyph
"The Utaru, who sought to appease with gifts of grain"
The Mad Sun-King scanned glyph


  • The Utaru homeland is located far east of the Nora territory, in the great plains of the former United States. It is unclear which state(s) in particular Plainsong occupies, but it seems likely from the context that it is the breadbasket region of the US.