FROM: Roshana Guliyev
TO: Sgt. Guliyev
SUBJECT: Please reply!
STATUS: Rejected

Mrs. Guliyev: Ames... I don't even know if you're alive anymore. The mails I get from you, they say they're from you, but they don't sound... They sound... recycled. Phrases put together. And you don't say anything about the news I pass on! The containment zone, the re-breathers, the rioting, 1Earth--what happened in the Dallas Bubble, Ames, that wasn't the robots! They won't even give me a straight answer when I demand to know if you're still alive! They just say if your messages keep coming, then... you're still... "operational." It's not fair, Ames. It's not fair that you won't be with me when the lights go out. I love you.

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