Main Quests

  1. A Gift from the Past
  2. Lessons of the Wild
  3. The Point of the Spear
  4. Mother's Heart
  5. The Proving
  6. The Womb of the Mountain
  7. A Seeker at the Gates
  8. The War-Chief's Trail
  9. Revenge of the Nora
  10. The City of the Sun
  11. The Field of the Fallen
  12. Into the Borderlands
  13. The Sun Shall Fall
  14. Maker's End
  15. The Grave-Hoard
  16. To Curse the Darkness
  17. Deep Secrets of the Earth
  18. The Terror of the Sun
  19. The Heart of the Nora
  20. The Mountain That Fell
  21. The Looming Shadow
  22. The Face of Extinction

Side Quests

These are optional missions that can be picked up from non-player characters, such as Varl. There are a total of 22 side quests, each counting for 1% game completion.

  1. Acquired Taste: Brin, a Banuk Shaman with a thirst for machine blood, needs new samples to fuel his mind-bending visions.
  2. Death from the Skies: The border settlement of Pitchcliff is under attack by Glinthawks. What could have caused such an assault?
  3. Cause for Concern: Nil, a mysterious outlander, invites Aloy to raid Bandit Camps with him when their paths cross.
  4. Queen's Gambit: Vanasha is helping the child king Itamen and his mother Nasadi defect from the Shadow Carja to Meridian. But their path is dangerous, and they are certain to be pursued.
  5. Traitor's Bounty: Uthid, a well-liked Shadow Carja officer, has been marked for death by High Priest Bahavas. There must be more to this than meets the eye.
  6. Heap of Trouble: The Oseram settlement of Free Heap is under attack by bandits and machines. Without help, their claim will be overrun.
  7. Redmaw: Ahsis and Talanah have left Meridian to track Redmaw, the legendary Thunderjaw. If Talanah can bring down the mighty machine, she will become Sunhawk. Ahsis will do anything to prevent that from happening.
  8. Sun and Shadow: Elida, the daughter of Carja noble, has gone missing. Her father fears suicide, but still hopes she may be found.
  9. Hunters' Blind: Talanah has accepted a Hunters Lodge contract that Ahsis refused - helping a village under constant attack from machines. What could be causing the onslaught?
  10. Blood on Stone: Five guards were murdered in the night at the quarry outside Meridian. Who, or what, could have killed them?
  11. Weapons of the Lodge: The Hunters Lodge bestows rewards on those who complete their trials.
  12. Fatal Inheritance: Ranaman, the son of a Carja noble, barely escaped his father's estate when machines attacked. He needs a machine hunter to clear the place out and discover if his family survived.
  13. A Moment's Peace: A remote Banuk camp is surrounded by docile machines. What could be causing their strange behavior?
  14. Honor The Fallen: Sun-Priest Namman wants to usher in a new era of reconciliation between tribes by helping three pilgrims. Each wishes to mourn loved ones lost during the Red Raids, but obstacles stand in the way.
  15. Robbing the Rich: A brazen robbery in broad daylight deprives a noble of a precious heirloom. How was he targeted, and why?
  16. Underequipped: A caravan departed on a dangerous route without any decent ammunition. Without help, the expedition is doomed.
  17. A Daughter's Vengeance: Yan, a young Nora, is worried about his sister Nakoa, who left the Sacred Lands, to find their father's killer.
  18. Insult to Injury: The wounded braves of the Nora need Dreamwillow to ease their pain, but supplies have run dry.
  19. Ancient Armory: An ancient suit of armor lies in a ruin of the Old Ones, visible but out of reach.
  20. The Forgotten: Olara's brother Brom was supposed to come home after ten years of exile, but he has vanished, leaving behind a blood-soaked camp.
  21. In Her Mother's Footsteps: A wounded hunter asks Aloy to find his daughter, who went after a dangerous machine to retrieve a beloved family heirloom.
  22. Sunstone Rock: A Behemoth attack has smashed a wall at the prison of Sunstone Rock, letting three dangerous fugitives escape. They must be stopped.


An errand is a type of quest. There are a total of 14 errands in the game, each one counting for 0.5% completion.

  1. Hunting for the Lodge: To prove herself to the Hunters Lodge, Aloy must complete a number of machine hunts.
  2. Sanctuary: Den's fellow braves strayed into the forbidden ruins of Devil's Thirst. As a Seeker, Aloy could look for them without breaking Nora taboo.
  3. Luck of the Hunt: A hunter at Mother's Crown asked Aloy to assist with gathering boar skins, and to find an heirloom he lost while fleeing a Sawtooth.
  4. Shortage of Supplies: The returned War-Chief Sona needs assistance with bolstering the Nora defenses.
  5. In Foreign Lands: Balahn, the new captain at Daytower, needs assistance searching the valley for a missing Carja patrol.
  6. To Old Acquaintance: The Oseram Alewife Gera seeks news about her husband, who went missing on his way to Hunter's Gathering.
  7. Demand and Supply: Two arguing metal-buyers in Meridian Village will pay a reward for rare machine parts.
  8. Collateral: Olin begged Aloy not for his life, but for the life of his family, held captive by the Eclipse as leverage.
  9. Deadliest Game: Talanah instructed Aloy to improve her standing in the Lodge by bringing back Thunderjaw and Stormbird trophies.
  10. A Curious Proposal: Fernund, a shady opportunist, told Aloy of an ancient relic cached at Dusk Mesa.
  11. Sun's Judgment: The owner of a food stall in Brightmarket seeks aid in tracking down a persistent thief.
  12. Hammer and Steel: Two hunters from the Free Heap have gone astray tracking a Behemoth convoy. Aloy is asked to find the hunters and their prey.
  13. Healer's Oath: Aloy offered to find a healer to tend to a young Shadow Carja refugee.
  14. Odd Grata: The old outcast Odd Grata often needs help to survive in the wilds. The trouble is, she'll only speak when praying to the goddess All-Mother, so understanding what she wants isn't easy.

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