This is Definitely the Best FREE Dating App in the Faro Store

It's a lonely world out there. Sometimes, you need a little high-tech help to find your one-and-only. After wading through the ocean of apps in the "Dating and Romance" category, we're confident we've found the coolest (if maybe also the nerdiest) one. RPGreet grafts the familiar mechanics of role playing games onto the messy, chaotic world of romance, and the result is a lot more fun than you might expect.

Users gain (or lose) experience by going on successful (or not so much) dates. After each date, users are invited to give their prospective partner one of many ratings, such as Orc (-25 XP), NPC (-10 XP), Starting Character (+10 XP), or Multiclass Wizard/Thief of Hearts (+25).

The app is a little intimidating for users in the early going (who wants to date a LVL 1?). But it doesn't take long to pick up a few levels and earn a little more attention. RPGreet's augmented reality interface is pretty fantastic as well. Activate your Focus, open the app, and suddenly, the stats of everyone in your vicinity with an RPGreet account are displayed right there next to them in real space.

So if you're looking to strengthen your flirt game at the caff-shop, RPGreet's got you covered. (Tech Breakfast is legally required to notify readers that the above content was paid for by RPGreet and does not necessarily reflect the actual opinions or experiences of Tech Breakfast or its contributors).

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