Rabbits are an elusive species of wildlife in Horizon Zero Dawn. When killed, they drop loot vital for several crafting recipes.


In the Old World, there were over a dozen recognized species of wild rabbits throughout the globe. This particular breed was known as the Desert Cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii, distinguished by its long, thin limbs, lanky frame, and large ears -- even for a rabbit. Native to the Northwestern hemisphere, it differs from its Eastern counterparts in that it does not live in social burrows.

Apparently, another species lives in Ban-Ur, and has a heavier white coat for the snowy environment.

Rabbits are relatively common, but can be hard to spot without the use of Aloy's Focus.


Like all organic life in the New World designed by GAIA in her reseeding of the planet after its devastation by the Faro Plague, rabbits will not attack or cause any harm to Aloy. Rather, they will flee quickly and evasively when Aloy gets close unless undetected.

Their small size, speed, and agility can make them difficult to shoot with an arrow, but a single shot will kill them instantly.

Loot Acquired 

When killed, Rabbits will drop common items such as various types of meat but sometimes they will drop either Rabbit Skin or Rabbit Bone, both very valuable items that are useful for trading with merchants.

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