Ranaman was a young Carja man whom the Nora Brave Aloy encountered in Meridian Village.


The son of a rich Carja noble, he told Aloy with seeming concern about incessant attacks by Machines on his father's estate.

However, far from being the concerned son he presented himself as, Ranaman was in fact a greedy, murderous criminal whom his father had disowned and cast out of the family for his wickedness. He had planted a Machine Lure on the estate to attract dangerous machines, with the intent of killing his family and all others on the estate so he could claim it as the sole heir. Aloy cleared the estate of machines, found and destroyed the Lure, and learned the truth from Ranaman's sister Daradi, the sole survivor of the attack. Ranaman arrived shortly afterwards with another Lure, smugly promising death to the two women through the Machines the new Lure would bring. However, one of the Glinthawks that was attracted by the Lure seized and killed him.

Associated Quests

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