Ravager Cannons are rapid-fire heavy weapons mounted on the backs of Ravagers, capable of doing high impact damage.

How to obtain

Ravager Cannons are normally seen on the backs of Ravagers and serve as their sole ranged weapon. Using weapons that deal tear damage will remove this weapon, dropping it and allowing it to be used by Aloy.


Fired from the hip and dealing 100 damage per shot, this weapon comes with a 75-round magazine and fires blue energy bolts. If one hits the right spots, this gun can kill as many as 2-4 Ravagers before the magazine is spent and the gun has to be dropped.


  • High damage, even more so on critical hits.
  • Great for close to medium range.
  • Removes armor and components with ease.
  • Large magazine.


  • Requires a brief charge-up period before firing
  • Ammunition can go fast.
  • Like all pickup weapons, it slows Aloy down while carrying it.


  • This gun seems to fire much faster while on a Ravager. This may be due to balancing, since the magazine is limited while being used by Aloy.
  • The Ravager Cannon seems to be very similar to the Thunderjaw's mouth cannons, as both rapidly fire blue energy bolts that inflict heavy damage.
  • Like the Disc Launcher, a severed Ravager Cannon trails sparking cables, indicating an onboard power source.
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