Ravan is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Ravan is a Carja noble who owns a large property in the city of Meridian. His estate is tended to by his steward. Ravan's brother was a decorated Carja soldier, having earned an ornate sword from Sun-King Hivas as a reward for his service.

During the Liberation, Ravan lost his family. His brother was killed in battle, and his nephew, an honor guard to a Sun-Priest, was forced to follow his master to Sunfall. Ravan kept his brother's sword, in the hopes of giving it to his nephew once they met again.

One day, a thief stole the sword from his home. Unable to bear the thought of losing his nephew's inheritance, Ravan sought out help to retrieve it. His cry for help was heard by the Nora Seeker Aloy, who agreed to help him find the sword.

Due to Aloy's aid, the sword was returned. Sometime after, Ravan was visited by Nasan, the man who stole his sword. Learning that Nasan was part of a group that stole valuables from nobles to help the poor in Shadowside, Ravan agreed to help the cause.


Ravan seems to be a benevolent man.

Associated Quests

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