Rea is an Utaru pilgrim who is in Meridian as part of a journey to honor a lost companion.


During the Red Raids, Rea was captured by the Carja and made into a slave. She had escaped with her companion during the Liberation of Meridian, but had lost her to machines by the lake as they ran. Rea returned to Plainsong, but found herself unable to mourn her friend properly.

Associated Quests

Honor the Fallen

As part of the side quest Honor the Fallen, Aloy must clear Snapmaws from a shrine where Rea intends to honor her fallen companion. Aloy can speak to Rea in Meridian at the start of the quest, and by the Lake Shrine after clearing out the Snapmaws. After clearing the Snapmaws from the area around the shrine, Rea thanks Aloy before continuing her mourning.


  • Rea is the sole Utaru character which Aloy can interact with in the game.