Elisabet Sobeck: This isn't a glitch, it's a catastrophe.

Ted Faro: I'm fully aware. It's bad.

Elisabet Sobeck: "Bad"?

Ted Faro: Jesus, Lis...

Elisabet Sobeck: It's not "bad," Ted. It's apocalyptic. You built a line of killer robots -

Ted Faro: Peacekeepers!

Elisabet Sobeck: - that consume biomass as fuel -

Ted Faro: In emergencies!

Elisabet Sobeck: - and you made them capable of self-replication.

Ted Faro: Limited self-manufacture. Controlled.

Elisabet Sobeck: Not anymore. The glitch severed chain-of-command. The only nation this swarm answers to now is itself.

Ted Faro: You think - ?!

Elisabet Sobeck: Everything else is just food. And at the rate it's replicating, Ted, it will strip the Earth bare in fifteen months! We're not talking fall of civilization, we're talking extinction!

Ted Faro: I get it, Lis! So how do I stop it while it's contained?

Elisabet Sobeck: It's not contained! It can't be!

Ted Faro: You know what I mean!

Elisabet Sobeck: Right. Before the truth gets out, you mean.

Ted Faro: Lis, I will do anything you say! Keep working it, and whatever you recommend, I'll do!

Elisabet Sobeck: I'm going to hold you to that, Ted.

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