Ted Faro: Elisabet! Good to... it's been years.

Elisabet Sobeck: Where's your legal team, Ted?

Ted Faro: No need! I dropped all eighteen lawsuits the moment you landed! I assume your data confirms this?

Elisabet Sobeck: All right. This promises to be interesting.

Ted Faro: Perhaps we could have lunch brought in, get reacquainted...?

Elisabet Sobeck: I know you, Ted. You've screwed something up - something big or you wouldn't have eaten the crow necessary to get me here. So spit it out!

Ted Faro: There's a glitch in the Chariot line.

Elisabet Sobeck: Your killer robots?

Ted Faro: Peacekeepers, yes. Those.

Elisabet Sobeck: So shut them down.

Ted Faro: Obviously, Lis, we would if we could. They're not responding.

Elisabet Sobeck: Are you telling me a swarm has gone rogue, Ted?

Ted Faro: It's worse than that.

Elisabet Sobeck: Show me the data, then. And I'll take that lunch - alone.

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