Ted Faro: "Project Zero Dawn?" Jesus, Lis! There has to be another way!

Elisabet Sobeck: If there were a nicer way to fix your mess, I would have proposed it.

Ted Faro: But this? This?! When I asked you to find a cure, I didn't expect it to be worse than the disease!

Elisabet Sobeck: It's not, Ted. It may be grim, but it's our only chance. Now sign the proposal.

Ted Faro: Sign it? I can't sign that!

Elisabet Sobeck: Yes, you can.

Ted Faro: That? Lis, I cannot in good conscience sign that!

Elisabet Sobeck: You've got a choice, Ted -

Ted Faro: I know!

Elisabet Sobeck: I am speaking to you from a VTOL en route to U.S. Robot Command! In fifteen minutes, I meet with General Herres and the rest of the Joint Chiefs!

Ted Faro: ...What? Are you crazy?!

Elisabet Sobeck: Now your choice is what I tell them. Sign, and I'll tell them the wealthiest corporation on Earth has guaranteed the funds necessary to build Zero Dawn, exactly as I've designed it. Or don't sign - and I will make sure they and everyone else on this planet knows the real cause of the glitch.

Ted Faro: Jesus, Lis! You don't have to threaten me. I'll sign.

Elisabet Sobeck: Look on the bright side, Ted. From here on out, you get to do what you've always been good at. Footing the bill while others get their hands dirty.

Ted Faro: God forgive me.

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