Amendment to the Record of Redmaw
by Inquiring Jandiniman, Historian-In-Residence at the Hunters Lodge

In time, all creatures fall, all legends fade away. Such it was with Redmaw, deadliest of Thunderjaws.

In the summer of the third year of the reign of the Sun-King Avad, Sunhawk Ahsis received word of a sighting and set out after the beast. Talanah, Hawk of the Lodge, went soon after, quickly followed by her Thrush, Aloy of the Nora.

Fearing Talanah might take Redmaw first and thus supplant him as Sunhawk, Ahsis resorted to treachery, laying a trap for the Hawk. Nine mercenaries ambushed her, but aided by her Thrush, Talanah defeated them all (six shot, three blasted).

Hawk and Thrush continued after Redmaw, arriving just as the legendary monster took Sunhawk Ahsis out of the fight (lash of the tail). Working together, the two women finally defeated Redmaw in a fight for the ages.

Alas, the wounds that Ahsis sustained were mortal (crushed internal organs, evidence of bowel failure) and he did not live to see Talanah take his place as Sunhawk.

So ends the Record of Redmaw, most murderous of machines.

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