The Red Raids were a series of attacks and invasions carried out over multiple years by the Carja military under orders from the 13th Sun-King Jiran against other tribes such as the Nora and Oseram. In these raids, Carja soldiers captured and brutally murdered their foes, killing indiscriminately with the goal of glorifying their god, the Sun. Captured individuals were either sold into slavery or sacrificed (most often in the Sun-Ring) in an effort to appease the Carja god and end the derangement of the machines.

Some members of the Carja were disgusted by the Red Raids. However, those that spoke out against the Red Raids were immediately executed or sacrificed under the orders of Jiran. The Red Raids came to an end when Jiran's son, Avad led a successful uprising against his father with the aid of Oseram allies and Carja loyal to the prince.

The Red Raids left a bitter scar on many tribes. Most Nora lost family members or loved ones to the Red Raids and have a fierce distrust of any Carja for their complicity in the raids, if not outright participation. This is despite attempts by the current Sun-King, Avad, to make amends for the brutality of his predecessor. The Oseram, despite being allied to Avad, also still harbored ill will towards the Carja. Among those is the Oseram warlord Dervahl, who lost his wife and daughter in the Red Raids. He is bent on seeking the utter destruction of the Carja.

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