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The Redeye Watcher is a small, reconnaissance-focused machine found in Horizon Zero Dawn. Redeye Watchers are upgraded versions of normal Watchers. Redeyes are more aggressive attackers and feature more weapon systems and health than their normal counterparts.

They are often spotted in large groups and tend to guard larger machines.


Redeye Watchers are slightly larger than the normal variant, and sport reinforced armor plating on the head. Their tails are longer and thinner than normal Watchers, and angle upwards. Both Watcher types sport the same type of inner components, despite the fact that Redeyes are stronger than normal Watchers.


While Redeye Watchers are mostly recon units, they are more ferocious in combat and have more weapons and attacks at their disposal. Outside of their melee attacks, their eyes are capable of launching laser blasts from a distance.


  • Jumping Smash
  • Head Strike
  • Blinding Stun Flash
  • Tail Strike
  • Energy Blast


Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
RedeyeWatcher-Body Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None
RedeyeWatcher-Eye Eye Hitting this component deals greater damage to the machine. All None


MetalShardsTransparent 1

Machine Core - Small
MetalShardsTransparent 20

Watcher Lens
MetalShardsTransparent 10

Watcher Heart
MetalShardsTransparent 20



Acquisition Class Broadhead - Charger - Glinthawk - Grazer - Lancehorn - Rockbreaker - Scrapper - Snapmaw - Strider - Trampler
Combat Class Ravager - Sawtooth - Stalker - Stormbird - Thunderjaw
Recon Class Longleg - Watcher (Redeye Watcher) - Tallneck
Transport Class Behemoth - Fire Bellowback - Freeze Bellowback - Shell-Walker
Chariot Class Corrupted Machines - Corruptor - Deathbringer - Metal Devil

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