Climate refugee museum opens in London

LONDON - May 8, 2060 - Celebrated poet and environmental activist Diego Abela fought back tears today in a speech delivered on the steps of the newly opened Climate Refugee Memorial Museum in London.

"I was nineteen in 2033, when the waves rose up and swallowed the Azores," Abela said. "The waves swallowed my home. The next decade of my life, I would spend behind the walls of the Thamesmead Emergency Relocation Facility, starving at day, freezing at night, contending with scorn, disgust, and abuse from the very people charged to care for me."

Abela went on to discuss the still-controversial police actions of 2038. "In the Thamesmead Uprising-and it was an uprising, not a "riot," as your holo-pages still call it - I saw men and women crushed beneath the jackboot heel of a panicking power structure. Friends. Lovers. I saw them die. My experience is not singular. There were a thousand Thamesmeads. We must not allow this dark moment in our species' history to become a shrugging footnote."

Second-Chance-Party-UK Prime Minister Sally Bowyer was among the first to tour the new museum. "Our nation totally needs this. What climate refugees endured was really bad. It completely deserves a real-space museum so we can literally stand in their remembrance and be aware and create a brighter world than what came before."

In contrast, opposition candidate Nigel Kearns-Bailey of the Fair-Chance-UK party was fiercely critical of the museum and its spokesperson. "More than a billion persons perished in the Great Die-Off. Thanks to the generosity of the UK - our generosity - Diego Abela was not one of them. If he so hates the fact that we saved his life and gave him shelter for a decade, I suggest he wend his way down to the Thames and jump in. It's never too late to drown. In fact, I... [DATA CORRUPTED]

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