Revenge of the Nora is the ninth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After finding War-Chief Sona and her Nora Braves, Aloy helps the group counterattack a group of killers within Devil's Thirst. Sona then tells Aloy that their work is not done. After tracking the remains of the Cultist group near some ruins at Devil's Grief, the Nora look to exact revenge for The Proving Massacre.


  1. Go to Red Echoes
  2. Rest at the Campfire
  3. Clear the Camps
  4. Go to the Tallest Tower
  5. Talk to Sona
  6. Follow Varl
  7. Enter the Metal Ring
  8. Search the Metal Ring for a View of the Blaze
  9. Sneak to the Blaze
  10. Shoot the Blaze
  11. Kill the Cultists


Revenge of the Nora - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide30:20

Revenge of the Nora - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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