Robbing the Rich is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn. While walking through Meridian, Aloy is called over by a Carja nobleman named Ravan to help him find a missing sword that was stolen from his home. He pleads with her to investigate the crime scene and discover the whereabouts of the missing heirloom.


Ravan has a precious family heirloom stolen from his home. Other than his Steward, nobody saw the crime in progress despite it occurring in the middle of the day. By using her Focus, Aloy discovers a blood trail that spans throughout the city. Following the trail, she talks to several witnesses who mention they saw the thief, but comes back with conflicting accounts. A witness named Keadi was withholding information and tells Aloy that the theft was for a good cause. She tells her to visit a Water Mill outside of Meridian and seek out a man named Kindiv.

Kindiv tells Aloy that their group steals from rich nobles and sells the loot to help the needy in Sunfall. Aloy is a bit apprehensive about whether or not what the group is doing is right. Kindiv tells her that a member of their group, Nasan, has gone missing near the Branded Shore while delivering a shipment of food. He agrees to return the sword if Aloy can find Nasan and save the shipment.

Aloy tracks Nasan's latest whereabouts to a camp overrun by Shadow Carja. After dispatching them, she frees Nasan, who stashed the goods nearby. He then continues on his delivery. After Aloy returns to Kindiv, he has the sword sent back to Ravan.


  1. Talk to the Noble
  2. Investigate the Crime Scene
  3. Follow the Blood Trail
  4. Talk to a Witness
  5. Continue Forward
  6. Talk to a Witness
  7. Return to the Merchant
  8. Go to the Fork in the Road
  9. Investigate the Camp
  10. Follow the Tracks
  11. Find Nasan in the Outpost
  12. Kill the Shadow Carja Soldiers
  13. Free Nasan
  14. Follow Nasan
  15. Talk to Nasan
  16. Return to Ravan


Robbing the Rich - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide16:22

Robbing the Rich - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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