Tribal man holding a ropecaster

A tribal man introducing Aloy to the ropecaster

The Ropecaster is a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a tool designed by the Nora tribe and used by hunters to deter and pin down targets.


The Ropecaster can be used to temporarily take enemies out of the fight so the player may focus on others, or immobilize a machine so that it is easier to target its weaknesses. It is most effective when used against larger machines, such as the Thunderjaw.[1] Depending on the size of the target and the type of ammo used, it may take several shots before it is successfully pinned. The maximum immobilization duration of 90 seconds reduces for every instance the player attacks the target; the binding will come off completely should the machine be successfully overridden.

Special Variant

The Lodge Ropecaster is a weapon earned as one of the 3 rewards from the Weapons of the Lodge quest, requiring players to earn at least a Full Sun mark on all 15 Hunting Grounds Trials in the base game. It uses heavy rope and has 3 slots like the Shadow Ropecaster, however it has a higher base Handling attribute of 70, giving it less delay between shots and faster aiming.


The pouch for the Ropecaster's wire can be upgraded to hold up to 30 ropes at a time. A missed shot wastes the ammo.

The numbered value of Tear damage are displayed following difficulty order from easiest to hardest. Tear damage are only altered in Story and Ultra Hard difficulties.

Ammo Type Crafting Requirements Tear Tear-Icon Crafting Requirements Used With
Tie Rope Light 4x Metal Shards

4x Wire

Tear-Icon600-150-75 4x Metal Shards

4x Wire

Tie Rope Medium 6x Metal Shards

6x Wire

6x Metal Shards

6x Wire

Tie Rope Heavy 10x Metal Shards

10x Wire

10x Metal Shards

10x Wire




  • The Ropecaster is the only type of weapon in the game where each Tier has an exclusive ammo type.
  • Snapmaws have the uncanny capability to instantly break the bindings of Ropecaster ammo whilst in water by executing "death rolls".


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