All Personnel Currently Assigned to Company E, 5th Battalion, 3rd Civilian Guard Brigade, Aurora Zone:

1. Report to Verticarrier Bay Onyx at 0500 hours and board assigned vert. Departure at 0530 hours.
2. Arrive in Beira, Mozambique at approx. 0000 hours local time. Lodging assignments and duty schedules to be received upon landing and intake.
3. Assist FADM personnel and Mozambican civilian battalions in A) construction of defensive obstacles along the channel coast and B) ballistic perimeter shielding around the Aeroporto Internacional de Beira.
4. Upon completion of construction duties, participate in combat and base defense training operations in anticipation of enemy contact.
5. As always: Comport yourself so as to be a credit to your unit, your country, the goals of Operation: Enduring Victory, and yourself.


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