The Sacred Land, also known as Nora Territory or the Savage East, is an independent territory belonging to the people of the Nora tribe. The Sacred Land is considered sacred because its territory is protected by the mountains, which the Nora tribe worships as their Goddess, All-Mother. Nora law forbids members from leaving the Sacred Land. The territory outside of the Sacred Land is called the Tainted Lands.

The Sacred Land is home to several towns and villages, including Mother's Heart. The Embrace is an area of the Sacred Land that is protected by a ring of mountains and a series of gates. The majority of the Nora reside within it, as it is isolated from the more dangerous machines.  


It was at war with the Carja tribe in the recent past, but formed an alliance with them after the war by means of a truce.

Notable Locations


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  • The real life location of the Sacred Land is indicated to be near Colorado Springs, Colorado, due to Mother's Crown's positioning at the base of a notable rock formation in Garden of the Gods, as well as a Vantage Point that reveals Devil's Thirst to actually be the ruins of downtown Colorado Springs.

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