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SCENE: Aloy discovers Elisabet's remains


Upon defeating HADES in the final mission of Horizon Zero Dawn, the player gets to see a long credits scene. The camera pans through Cauldron Zeta as credits for the developers at Guerrilla Games are displayed. The player then sees two End Credit scenes:

1. Aloy discovers Elisabet Sobeck's remains at the Sobeck Ranch

  • After she saved the Alpha facility, she left to die alone.

2. HADES 'escapes', caught in Sylens' 'lantern'

  • A final transmission by HADES allows him to escape, only to be caught by Sylens in a shielded lantern-like device.
  • So HADES doesn't actually escape. Sylens built the lance to act as a transmitter with the 'lantern' as the receiver. He gave it to Aloy in order to capture HADES.

Scene Transcript

Elisabet Sobeck: It was a children's electronics kit, but I'd hacked the wiring to an auto battery and solar PV, so the grass caught fire. And so did a tall pine that'd stood there, I don't know, maybe a hundred years... My mother was home, thank god, so she called the fire department and after, she took me out on the lawn and showed me the dead baby birds. Because there were nests in the pine tree.

GAIA: Query. What did you feel?

Sobeck: I'm not sure. I remember yelling that I didn't care. And that's when my mother took my face in her hands and spoke.

GAIA: Query. What did she say?

Sobeck: She said I had to care. She said, "Elisabet, being smart will count for nothing if you don't make the world better. You have to use your smarts to count for something, to serve life, not death."

GAIA: You often tell stories of your mother. But you are childless.

Sobeck: I never had time. I guess it was for the best.

GAIA: If you had had a child, Elisabet, what would you have wished for him or her?

Sobeck: I guess... I would have wanted her to be... curious. And willful — unstoppable, even... but with enough compassion to... heal the world... just a little bit.

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