Editorial: Overturning Schott v. Frost is a pipe dream

January 9, 2061 - Of all the tedious and repetitive talking points that became the touchstones of the last presidential election, none were more empty or jejune than the debate over Schott v. Frost, the Supreme Court decision that granted corporations the right to run for and hold political office through proxy candidates. Nobody could be blamed for thinking this was an actual issue. This was the race, after all, that brought us such deliciously dramatic holoclips as Lacy Almodovar asking to "speak to your [Barney Atami's] manager," and Atami declaring Almodovar a "dangerous anarchist" for her apparently anti-corporate stance. But for all of Almodovar's fiery rhetoric, the fact remains that the single largest donor to her campaign fund was arguably the second most powerful corporate entity in the world. Metallurgic International. To think that she would have any legitimate interest in- [DATA CORRUPTED]

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