FROM: General Herres
TO: Elisabet Sobeck

General Herres: Dr. Sobeck. As projected, the Wichita salient has collapsed. Five Horus-class Titans have broken through. We predict contact in 34 hours.

Elisabet Sobeck: Everything is in position, General. It took a few shortcuts to pull everything together, but Zero Dawn is functionally complete. Good to go.

General Herres: Then Enduring Victory served its purpose, after all.

Elisabet Sobeck: Yes. If we'd had even one day less...

General Herres: I've sent you an encoded file, Doctor. Please do me the favor of archiving it.

Elisabet Sobeck: I'll... see what I can do. What is it?

General Herres: A brief statement. An allocution of crimes, I guess you'd call it.

Elisabet Sobeck: To what are you admitting guilt?

General Herres: Over the past sixteen months, Doctor, I have presided over the greatest wholesale slaughter of military personnel and civilians in the history of... history. Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Sorabella - add'em together, they don't even come close.

Elisabet Sobeck: You didn't do the killing, General.

General Herres: Not directly. But I didn't wind up the highest military commander in the United States by resisting efforts to automate the armed forces. Even before the swarm, Doctor... I was helping death along. So instead of letting what I've done sink into the murk, forgotten... I've sent a file with all the details. Let posterity judge my actions with clear vision.

Elisabet Sobeck: I'll do as you ask, General. But you should consider that, were it not for your actions... our actions... there wouldn't be any posterity to judge us.

General Herres: Perhaps. Dr. Sobeck.

Elisabet Sobeck: At ease, General. And goodbye.

General Herres: Hell of a thing -

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