The Shadow Sling is a very rare slow firing weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn that specializes in lobbing elemental payloads at targets and putting them into vulnerable states. Upon impact, the bombs leave a large area of the element on the ground. Due to its low damage output, it is advisable to use other weapons to follow up attacks on enemies.


Ammo Type Damage Elemental Severity Crafting Requirements
Freeze Bomb 25 50 Freeze-Icon 4x Metal Shards

2x Metal Vessel

3x Chillwater

Shock Bomb 25 50 Shock-Icon 4x Metal Shards

2x Metal Vessel

8x Sparker

Fire Bomb 13 50 Fire-Icon 4x Metal Shards

2x Metal Vessel

2x Blaze

Ranged Weapons Hunter Bow - War Bow - Sharpshot Bow - Sling - Carja Sling - Shadow Sling - Blast Sling - Ropecaster - Rattler - Tearblaster - Icerail FW - Forgefire FW - Stormslinger FW
Melee Weapons Spear - Sylens' Lance
Stealth Weapons Traps - Tripcaster
Heavy Weapons Deathbringer Gun - Disc Launcher - Firespitter - Firestriker - Mine Launcher FW - Oseram Cannon - Ravager Cannon

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