The Sharpshot Bow is a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a slow-firing yet highly accurate bow, and excels in long range combat where precision is required. Its arrows specialize in dealing high impact and tear damage, and consist of Precision, Tearblast, and Harvest Arrows.

Special Variant

The Banuk Powershot BowFW is a specialized Sharpshot Bow available only from special merchants in The CutFW for 14 BluegleamFW. It has superior base Impact and Tear damage for Precision and Harvest Arrows and is capable of 'overdrawn' shots where the user can draw the string longer than the limit of regular variants for exceedingly powerful shots. It has 3 slots and is capable of using all 3 varieties of Sharpshot Bow ammo like the Shadow variant.


The Sharpshot Bow has a maximum ammo pouch limit of 30 arrows per type.

Precision Arrows do relatively very high damage compared to other arrows.

Tearblast Arrows emit sonic blasts after latching on target, inflicting huge Tear damage.

Harvest Arrows do moderate Impact and Tear and causes any part that comes off by their hits to yield more items.

Numbered value of damage are presented from left to right following the Difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard, numbers in Bold are of Normal difficulty. Tear damage remains the same between Easy and Very Hard.

Ammo Type Crafting
Variants Damage Damage-Icon Tear Tear-Icon
Precision Arrow 10x Ridge-Wood
8x Metal Shards
5x Wire
Basic/Carja/Shadow 240-75-60-54-48-42 120-30-15
Banuk Powershot 400-125-100-90-80-70 200-50-25
Tearblast Arrow 10x Ridge-Wood
8x Metal Shards
4x Echo Shell
Carja/Shadow None 400-100-50
Banuk Powershot 400-100-50
Harvest Arrow 10x Ridge-Wood
8x Metal Shards
1x Wire
Shadow 40-13-10-9-8-7 200-50-25
Banuk Powershot 200-63-50-45-40-35 240-60-30


  • If Player choose to fight Nil to conclude Cause for Concern - Farewell, he would be able to fire an arrow similar to that of Tearblast. It has similar effect as sonic explosion and watcher's flash attack on Aloy, momentarily reducing her hearing and sight.
  • The bow Rost carried throughout his appearance in the game is a Sharpshot bow, based on its physical appearance.
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