Shianah is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Shianah is a young Shadow Carja refugee living with her older brother Abas in Shadowside, the tent city on the outskirts of Sunfall. Abas reveals that Shianah enjoys playing ball games and aspires to become a soldier.

When the player visits Shadowside after completing her associated quest, Shianah can be seen playing with the other children in the camp.

Associated Quests

Healer's Oath

When Aloy enters Shadowside, she notices Abas tending to a sickly young girl. He explains that his sister Shianah is running a fever and it worsens each day. He tells Aloy that medical treatment is not available for the poor refugees, especially because the only healer in the area, Ghaliv, is totally unsympathetic to the needy. Aloy agrees to track down the healer in Blazon Arch and return with aid for Shianah.

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