The Shield-Weaver is a very rare and very powerful outfit. The armor trades the ability to modify it for a highly durable, rechargeable force shield that absorbs all incoming damage, massively enhancing Aloy's combat capabilities.


"Ancient technology, salvaged by Aloy and stitched to Nora leather, projects a damage-absorbing force shield. Takes time to recharge when depleted."
―Inventory description

The original power armor suit consists of an exoskeleton with a full helmet, thick torso plates, and armor plates on the waist and thighs.

Once obtained, instead of taking the full power armor, the Shield Weaver consists of the base Nora Brave outfit with some armor on the head, chest, shoulders, and knees.

How to obtain

Starting the quest

"Hmm, I wonder what's down there?"
―Aloy, upon nearing the Armory

First, you must trigger the side quest Ancient Armory. In the middle of The Embrace, there is a location called the Ancient Armory. Once you climb up a rock formation, drop down into an underground lake (there are handholds to climb down). Keep to the left of the cave and follow the path into an ancient underground bunker.

Once inside, you can see the armor on the other side of two doors. Look around, and you will find five slots for missing power cells; this will trigger the quest.

Finding the Power Cells

One power cell is found in the underground facility that Aloy found as a child. Open a locked door and you will find a room, the doorway of which is blocked by stalactites. Simply smash these with your spear and you will find the power cell on a table at the back of the room.

The second power cell is in All-Mother Mountain. After the Proving quest, you will end up here. Instead of following Teersa to the left, go straight out of the room where you get your equipment back until you find a locked red door. Look to the left, crawl down a tunnel lit with candles, and you will find the cell in the room at the end.

The third cell is in the Grave-Hoard, where you will go to as part of the Grave-Hoard main storyline quest. Once you are in the main foyer and have killed the Watcher and Eclipse members, look around until you spot a tell-tale green diamond, indicating the hidden power cell.

The fourth cell is in the Maker's End ruin at the top of the skyscraper, which you will discover as part of the Maker's End quest. Climb all the way to the very top of the skyscraper and you will find the power cell.

The final power cell requires the quest The Mountain That Fell. Go to GAIA Prime. Instead of taking the zip line, go to the left of the zip line and carefully move to the edge of the cliff. There are hidden handholds leading down to a hidden-in-plain-sight area where you will find a purple-lit hallway. The power cell sits on a shelf to the right at the very back.

Opening the locks

Take your five power cells back and slide two into the vacant slots. Now you have to solve a puzzle where you have to rotate each of the five holograms into a certain position. A display to the right will show five 24-hour codes in military time. Imagine each hologram as a clock and turn them to their respective position. The first door is open, and on the right of the new room, you will find five more holographic locks. Use the last three power cells, and this time, a panel on the left will show angle measurements (90 degrees, 270 degrees, etc). Again, just turn the locks to these positions (from left to right) right, left, up, right, left. Now the final barrier is down and you can just walk in and claim it.


While this suit may not seem to offer much visible armor protection to the untrained eye, once Aloy comes under attack a glowing blue energy shield comprised of hexagonal force field projections is activated that can block substantial damage, even from the Thunderjaw's normally devastating attacks. While the shield is active, you cannot be staggered by range attacks.

However, the shield can only block so much damage and, when the shield's about to pop, it will flash from blue to red. Now you must dodge around and not get hit until the shield charges to full again. It will notify you with a beep.

The only downside of this suit is that it completely does away with the ability to mod it. It also will not prevent you from being staggered or knocked around by melee attacks like a Sawtooth's charge or a Thunderjaw's tail smash.


  • An outfit using the same technology was used by Elizabeth Sobeck to survive the then-inhospitable atmosphere while repairing the door to the GAIA Prime facility.
    • The outfit may have also been standard issue among the Marines towards the end of Operation: Enduring Victory, as many dead Marines in the Grave Hoard wear it.


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