Shortage of Supplies is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Returning to Mother's Crown after defeating the killers in Devil's Grief, Sona asks Aloy to hunt Lancehorns to gather much needed Chillwater and Lancehorn Lenses.

After gathering these resources, Sona then asks Aloy to take a package of signal arrows to the young sentinel, Orn, in a watchtower in the south.

Once the fire arrows have been delivered, Aloy climbs the watchtower in Mother's Crown to report back to Sona. 


  1. Gather Lancehorn Parts
  2. Deliver the Signal Arrows to Orn
  3. Find Sona


Shortage of Supplies - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide07:33

Shortage of Supplies - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide



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