The Shrine of Kings is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Shrine of Kings is located just outside of Meridian, tucked away in the cliff walls. At the center is a statue of the Mad Sun-King Jiran, which has since been desecrated due to his unpopularity.


The shrine was built during the reign of Sun-King Jiran. The majority of the construction seems to have been completed by Oseram slave laborers who were subsequently sacrificed in the Sun-Ring.

After the Liberation, Carja bitter with Jiran's crimes vandalized the shrine, removing the head from the sculpture.

Two years after the Liberation, an Oseram named Brageld and his companions attempted to enter the shrine to honor the Oseram slaves who died for it. Their efforts were stopped by the Abiding Jahamin, a Sun-Priest who followed Jiran's policies and considered the Oseram impure. Once the Nora Aloy coerced him to leave, the Oseram were allowed to enter the shrine and pay their respects to their loved ones.