"Look at the jaws on that thing. It could snap a Sawtooth right in half."
Aloy, upon sighting a Snapmaw

The Snapmaw is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn. The only known amphibious machine type, Snapmaws behave much like crocodiles, basking in the sun, swimming and generally moving slowly. However, also like crocodiles, they are capable of bursts of formidable speed and aggression.


The Snapmaw's chassis resembles that of an enormous crocodile, with a long, crocodilian snout, complete with metal teeth, a heavyset reptilian body, four crocodilian legs and feet, and a long, stout, powerful tail. Its gait exactly mirrors that of a crocodile. There are two visual sensors in the same position as a crocodile's eyes. An armored Blaze canister sits atop each shoulder. The gullet is composed of a Freeze Sac, which produces a volatile liquid. An array of solar panels line the top of its back.


Snapmaw Hologram

Elisabet Sobeck displays a Snapmaw as an example of a POSEIDON-related machine

Snapmaws were by designed and built by POSEIDON, the subroutine of GAIA tasked with detoxifying the Earth's poisoned seas and other aquatic environments, after the apocalyptic extinction of all life and sterilization of the planet caused by the Faro Plague.[1] Presumably, before the onset of the Derangement, Snapmaws were built expressly for this task, but with the onset of the Derangement, they were modified for aggressive combat against humans. They are found in and on the banks of many of the rivers west of the Nora Sacred Land .


Like all machines, with the exception of the Tallneck, Snapmaws attack humans on sight. They seem to obtain electrical energy via the array of solar panels on their backs, presumably by sunning themselves on the banks and shores where they dwell, just like a crocodile would do to warm itself. Normally Snapmaws bask lazily in the sun on the banks of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, purifying the water and the soil at the bottom by destroying toxins and removing minerals as per their purpose. However, when attacking, Snapmaws move with great speed. A Snapmaw employs both ranged and melee attacks.

  • Ranged - The Snapmaw belches a blast of volatile liquid from its mouth at an enemy. Similar to the ranged attack of a Glinthawk, this liquid causes damage on contact with the enemy due to its intense cold. It also pools around the enemy, causing residual damage and curtailing the enemy's ability to fight.
  • Melee - The Snapmaw lunges at and bites at the enemy, or swipes at the enemy with its powerful tail.

Being amphibious, Snapmaws are also capable of attacking enemies in water, e.g. while the enemy is swimming.


Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range
Freeze Burst Freeze-Icon Freeze 50 30 per second 20m - 45m
Lunge Bite Melee 180 - 8m - 12m (on land)

11m - 19m (in water)

Lunging Jaw Bite Melee 180 - 0m - 17m
Snap Bite Melee 160 - 3m - 11m (on land)

3m - 8m (in water)

Spinning Tail Strike Melee 180 - 0m - 6m
Tail Strike Melee 180 - 10m - 15m


Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Snapmaw-Body Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. Fire-Icon Fire Freeze-IconFreeze
Snapmaw-BlazeCanister Blaze Canister Blaze storage canister. Shoot with Fire to trigger an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the resource inside. Fire-Icon Fire
Tear-Icon Tear
Snapmaw-FreezeSac Freeze-IconFreeze Sac Destroying this component disables the ranged Freeze attack, and triggers a large explosion. All None



  • The Snapmaw is the only machine that is able to fully submerge itself, as well as the only one to live in water.
  • When successfully tied with Ropecaster wires whilst on water, Snapmaws will execute a "death roll," a maneuver by real life crocodiles in which they roll their body sideways, usually to help them bite off parts of prey to be eaten. This will instantly break the binding.
  • The solar panels serve as armor in combat, and can be broken off.



  1. Shown in the hologram of the datapoint "The Good News"
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