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The Snapmaw is an Acquisition-Class machine resembling a crocodile. Snapmaws are frequently found basking in or near bodies of water, where it gathers valuable minerals from the sediment. It can move with surprising ferocity when alerted, lashing out with an array of melee attacks that include powerful lunge bites and tail swipes. For ranged attacks, it fires off cryo mortars that freeze the target on impact.


Their body structure is very akin to a large crocodilian with a long snout. A cyrosack can be found on the underside of their jaw and two Blaze Canisters behind it's head.



Snapmaws seem to obtain electrical energy via solar cells attached to their backs, presumably by sunning in the banks and shores where they dwell, just like a crocodilian would do to warm itself. The Snapmaw can cover a lot of distance on the ground, leaping or charging forward with its powerful legs.

In close combat, Snapmaws utilize a coolant liquid stored inside their cryo sacs. They can attack from a distance using a Freeze Burst, shooting super-cooled liquid that can freeze their opponents.

The Snapmaw is apparently able to attack Aloy while she is swimming.


  • The Snapmaw is the only machine that is able to fully submerge itself, as well as the only one to live in water.


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