Just wrapped inspection of GAIA Prime site. Construction is well underway, reactor installed. Plans for control room remind me of starship bridges on those cheesy old SF vids. Living spaces for Alphas already completed - prefab modules. Fingers crossed we never have to seal ourselves in here... not that Elysium sounds much better.

Spent last week at the Bryce site, designing ZD project labs, drawing up protocols. The base we're repurposing was huge - plenty of room for work spaces and residence blocks. The work crews already set up my office/lab. I'm not a fan of the glass wall. Guess Murray's intention was to ensconce me as "all-seeing presence." Ugh. Opposite effect. Makes me feel watched, on display. Tempted to paint it over.

Herres recorded his presentation yesterday. Suitably bleak. Scheduled to record mine Friday.

As soon as reception, lounge, holo theaters, and first residence block at ZD site are finished we'll start processing the candidates being held outside Tucson - 27 already. Extraction teams prioritizing Pac Rim & Aussie candidates. How scared & confused they must be, snatched off the street, carted across the world, held in cells. Here's hoping they understand once they see the big picture.

Going to catch a few hours sleep here, then fly back to the ZD site. Herres promised delivery of qb lattices by noon. Expect Mk1 will take two weeks to machine, assemble, and test. I aim to launch GAIA at 0.6T grounding. From there I'll spin her up past 1.0T. Wonder how long it'll take to break the 1.38T record. MIE can go hang.


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