Solai is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is a Nora woman living in the settlement of Mother's Crown in the Nora Sacred Lands.


Solai had a brother who lived in another settlement, Mother's Rise, with his son Yan and daughter Nakoa. During the Red Raids ordered against other tribes by the 13th Carja Sun-King Jiran, Mother's Rise was attacked by a unit led by Zaid, a brutal Carja captain. Zaid brutally murdered Solai's brother as Nakoa watched from hiding. Nakoa was determined to pursue and exact vengeance on Zaid, not caring that to do so would mean leaving the Sacred Lands and being exiled. On her way, she stopped at Mother's Crown and declared her intent to Solai. Solai tried to dissuade her, to no avail. But even as Solai attempted to dissuade her, she was torn, as she shared Nakoa's craving for vengeance.

Years later, the Nora Brave Aloy was told about Nakoa by Yan, and she offered to find her. Yan was grateful, knowing that as a Seeker, Aloy was able to leave the Sacred Land without consequence, and was thus his only hope of finding what became of her. On her way, Aloy stopped at Mother's Crown and spoke to Solai, who told her about Zaid's brutal murder of her brother and Nakoa's determination to pursue Zaid. As with Yan, Aloy offered to find Nakoa, for which Solai was grateful. Some time later, Aloy found and rescued Nakoa from a slave ring that Zaid had been running, and Nakoa killed Zaid. Nakoa sent word to Yan that she was alive and well, and that she had killed Zaid. Yan passed the word along to Solai. The next time Solai met Aloy, she thanked her for aiding Nakoa and expressed firm satisfaction as to Zaid's death.

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