Sparker is a common resource in Horizon Zero Dawn.

This common resource is a primary crafting ingredient for Shock ammunition types, and valuable to merchants.

In Battle

Sparker is usually indicated on a Machine by the use of Power Cells. By using Harvest Arrows, Sparker can be collected and traded or used as Crafting materials. If you want to deal more damage, shooting a Powercell with an Electric arrow will cause an elemental explosion and stuns all machines and humans within a radius.


This resource is needed to craft the following items.


  • Shock Arrow (5 Sparker per pack)
  • Shock Bomb (8 Sparker per pack)
  • Shock Bolts (6 Sparker per pack)
  • Shock Wire (8 Sparker per pack)

Carry Capacity

  • Blast Sling Ammo Pouch Upgrade 1 (5 Sparker)


  • Shock Trap (10 Sparker per pack)


This resource is needed to buy the following items.


  • Carja Blazon Light (10 Sparker)
  • Nora Protector Light (5 Sparker)


  • Health Potion (3 Sparker)
  • Resist Shock Potion (5 Sparker)


  • Wood Bundle (5 Sparker)


  • Carja Hunter Bow (5 Sparker)

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