Sparker is a common resource in Horizon Zero Dawn.

This common resource is a primary crafting ingredient for Shock ammunition types, and valuable to merchants.

In Battle

Sparker is usually indicated on a machine by the appearance of Power Cell components. By using Harvest Arrows on these, Sparker can be collected and traded or used as crafting materials. If you want to deal more damage, shooting a Power Cell with a Shock Arrow will cause an elemental explosion and stuns all machines and humans within a radius.


This resource is needed to craft the following items.


  • Shock Arrow (5 Sparker per pack)
  • Shock Bomb (8 Sparker per pack)
  • Shock Bolts (6 Sparker per pack)
  • Shock Wire (8 Sparker per pack)

Carry Capacity


  • Shock Trap (10 Sparker per pack)


This resource is needed to buy the following items.




  • Wood Bundle (5 Sparker)


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